Political Knitting

Well, a lot has happened since I was in the hospital over a year ago. Most notably, the country has been overtaken by the forces of darkness. Everything is going to hell in a hand basket. Recently I knit 15 hats for the Women’s March on Washington, and gave them away mostly to complete strangers. It was such a lovely sight to see that sea of pink, and to know that for every marcher there, another supporter was at home knitting and knitting. In the continued project of yarn-based political activism, I made this painting over the last couple days, and have uploaded it to Zazzle.com, where people can put it on any number of things and buy them. The proceeds to me are minimal, but what little profits I may gather will be rolled back into my project of giving away pink pussy hats to anyone who asks me for one. I’m posting it here also because I have a copyright doodad on this blog and so it will make it official. Also, go buy stuff!! My store there is called RadicalKnits.



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