About The Fauves

Our main characters are two brothers, Isaac (born in 2002) and Elias (born in 2006). Although they are the fruit of my loins, my opinion is totally unbiased: they are both brilliant and handsome, charming, creative and brimming with unbridled enthusiasm. Isaac is a scientific type, and his “experiments” create some remarkable messes in the kitchen. Elias is a natural musician and artist. He’s free with kisses and his blue eyes melt hearts.

And they do clean up nice.

However, there’s a reason I’ve used the term “fauve” to describe them. (If you’re not familiar with the early-20th-century modern artists known as the Fauves, read here.) They are wild beasts in so many ways, staying one step ahead of me. But so smart and creative all the while. It’s like dealing with the terrorists– I’m always planning for the last attack. Like who would’ve expected them to use a medieval war device to launch mud at the car? Or steal a new bottle of honey from the kitchen, so as to dump it all over the tv room carpet? TWICE?? Or use an inappropriate finger gesture? Or deliberately pee in his own snowboot in anger? Or use a bookshelf as a ladder in order to drink a bottle of Benadryl?  Or claim, at age 4, that’s he’s not affiliated with us? Or ask why his racecar lunchbox has two assholes? Or that one of them would show several warning signs of demonic possession?

These are but of few of the reasons they are my dear, dear little savages.

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  1. Warren Park says:

    As long as the jello tasted good and everyone was happy, who cares about the silly old layers.

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